Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Just when you think you know someone - they tell you their favorite dessert is something entirely different than you thought it was.

Gavin and I started dating 14 years ago this month. All this time, I thought pie was his favorite dessert. I should have suspected something was afoot though. First, his favorite was apple pie. For years I worked on perfecting apple pie to please him (OK, I love pie too so this wasn't such a chore). Then, blackberry was his favorite. Again, I tried and tinkered and tested to make the perfect blackberry pie. Next was blueberry and let's see, what else? Oh yeah, banana cream pie.

The thing I figured out is - his tastes change over time and every few years a new flavor pie is his favorite. That makes sense. Pie is pie at the end of the day, no matter what the filling is.

All this changed last Sunday. I brought home a copy of Donna Hay magazine (total food porn, btw), that Gavin started thumbing through. Out of blue, totally without warning, he turns a page and exclaims, "Ohh poundcake. I love poundcake, it is my favorite dessert."

Screeeeeech....What was that dear? Poundcake?! Since WHEN? Well, hell...I'd have to research some poundcake recipes and give it a shot.

I thought my first attempt should be from the trusty America's Test Kitchen Family Dinners cookbook. This recipe is a little different than others, since you melt the butter and add that to a mixture of sugar, egg and vanilla. Whisk in some cake flour, baking soda and salt and pour into a greased loaf pan. Bake for about an hour and it's done.

The only hard part was keeping Gavin's mitts off of it until it cooled. I wasn't successful, but thankfully no damage was done.

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wyltk said...

I am placing my order now for more poundcake. Must have.