Monday, January 7, 2008

Soup Night Post-Mortem

Wow - what a night. Since it has taken me two days to file this report - consider Soup Night a succcess!

The Stats:
28 people
10 pounds of potatoes
8 pounds side pork
90 meatballs
Lots and lots of recycling

Thank you everyone for coming - I think everyone enjoyed themselves. My favorite comment of the evening was, "Wow, I had really low expectations for Scandinavian food but this stuff is good!"

Other highlights:

  • Guest appearance by real Scandinavians, i.e. my parents

  • Krumkaker served with whipped cream and cloudberries

  • Jamie Z. sighting - we haven't seen him since #3, Thomas arrived in late November

  • Will & Vanessa smashing the gingerbread house and devouring handfuls of stale, sugary crumbs

  • Roast pork belly, cut into bite size chunks, serving as the defacto "booze-sponge" throughout the evening

  • Akvavit - enjoyed by many if not all

  • Munson coming back for seconds, thirds and fourths of pickled herring

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