Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Soup Night - Saturday January 5, 2008!

I generally practice the "menu" in the weeks prior to soup night in hopes that every dish will turn out well. Enjoy the past posts on this blog - you will see some of the dishes that we'll have on Saturday.

We hope you can make it for this month's Scandinavian feast: Swedish Meatballs, roast side pork, Ola's pickled herring, gravlaks, akvavit and plenty of my mom's Swedish cookies.

Come anytime after 5pm. Kids are welcome too – but only until 8pm or so. Bring yourselves, booze and an appetite.

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Meris said...

Oh, It was amazing! I never thought Scandinavian food could be so tasty!

I especially loved the perfect balance of textures of the meatballs on the mashed potaotes, and I am drooling over that Potatoe caserole, was that gravlaks? So much fun! Could Sonja be any better of a hostess?