Thursday, February 14, 2008

Burgundy, Will you be my Valentine?

I first met Burgundy in 1996. We hit if off right away and promised we'd stay in touch. In 1997, we met again and Burgundy agreed to come back to the US with me. Since then though, I've neglected our relationship.

Burgundy had it's own room - but it was chilly and dark and I only visited occasionally. Burgundy got lots of friends in it's basement room, but these friends quickly came and went. Lately, I've been afraid that our relationship would be ruined forever. I'd heard murmurings that perhaps Burgundy would leave me or worse, perhaps Burgundy had already gone south. 1990 was a long time ago afterall. You can't hang onto your youth forever.

Tonight was your night to shine Burgundy. And shine you did. From your sweet, dried cranberry introduction to your smooth finish, you wooed us. With your pale yet opaque color, you confounded us. I know you prefer to be called by your proper name - Savigny les Beaune - but your neighborhood is a pretty tony one, so don't be so picky. Burgundy = Bourgogne = Heaven.

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