Monday, February 25, 2008

Fork and Spoon

I had a lot of assumptions about Asian people before my brother married Filipina. I'll admit now that I assumed all Asians ate with chopsticks. OK it's not like I actually put that much thought into it, but in the back of my mind that is what I assumed.

When Marie's family first visited us in the U.S., I was surprised to see that they eat with cutlery - but only with a fork and spoon, and mostly with the spoon.

They actually use the fork for pushing the food into the spoon or for pinning down the food while it is cut (or torn) with the tip of the spoon. This works surpringly well. Every meal is served with rice. The meat and veggies served are usually already cut into bite sized pieces before being cooked. Traditionally - Filipinos eat with their hands, but most modern people here eat with cutlery.

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Meris said...

Whatever it takes to get it into the mouth more efficiently!