Monday, May 5, 2008


My birthday is in two days. If you already know this - then you probably also know that I like to celebrate my birthday all week long.

I haven't always been this way about my birthday. About 12 years ago though, both my boyfriend (and future husband) Gavin and a good friend forgot my birthday. FORGOT. Well, I called total BULLSHIT on that and ever since have made a big circus celebration around my birthday.

Hence the name - Sonja-palooza. Gavin started calling it this a few years back since my birthday has become a multi-day festival.

This week is almost totally booked already - Cinco de Mayo tonight (sure it's about Mexico, but it is also about me), spa treatments tomorrow night, dinner out with Gavin on Wednesday, happy hour with the fam on Thursday and dinner out with friends and fellow Taurus Rachel on Friday. I also plan to sneak in some shopping trips and other treats along the way.

Happy Birthday to ME!

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Robin said...

Perry Farrell has nothing on Sonja-palooza.