Sunday, June 22, 2008


I made it to Sweden Friday afternoon. One of my first stops when I arrive is usually the candy store. I kid you not - I am totally addicted to the candy here. When I say candy I mean godis - pronounced kind of like goodies - which means something like candy I guess. What it really means to me is bulk candy - the kind sold in open bins from which you can pick and choose and come up with a mix all your own.

Godis are sold in every convenient store, grocery store and in lots of special godis shops here. The funny thing is, the majority of people loading up on godis are adults. Men in suits, older ladies and some kids too. But lots of grown-up me.

My favorites are probably the filled licorice - which are more like licorice in texture rather than flavor. They come in all sorts of fruity flavors - rhubarb being my favorite. There is lots of black licorice too. I also get Swedish fish and some mentos-type chewy candies. There are chocolates too - chocolate covered marshmallows, caramels, gummy bears - you name it.

Friday night was perfect - I was tired after two busy days in Copenhagen and a little road weary from the 5-hour train ride from Copenhagen to Stockholm. I cozied up with my laptop and reruns of Sex and the City on DVD and ate the entire bag.


Anonymous said...

I love your pix, Sonj!

Anonymous said...

I hope you bought me some black licorice! :)

Robyn said...

Yum...godis...I'm drooling!