Sunday, July 27, 2008

They are Conspiring Against Me

I am a fast walker - I know this already. I am 5'8" and the mister is 6'4"...I need to keep up.

When guiding a group however I need to walk slower...much slower. Sometimes, it pains me to walk that slow. But I do it. For the money, yeah...but I do it.

There is a trick to it however. I can't walk as slow as they do. If I just walk little faster than they do, they will feel the need to keep up. This tour is different though. I speed up my pace just a tad and I swear to God - they slow down. I'll look back and they are all about 20 paces behind me. WTF? I caught one of them smirk at me on the walking tour today, and then I realized what was really going on. They are conspiring against me. They must have all gotten together and decided that they - not me - would determine the pace.

The tour isn't even halfway over. If they plot any other conspiracies I am totally screwed.

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Anonymous said...

yes we were conspiring against you --- thanks for a wonderful time!
R & R