Sunday, November 2, 2008

Comfort Captain

How can anyone concentrate on anything other than the election right now? I've been totally caught up in it and can't wait for November 4th. I feel like I have been 'involved' because I've donated to the Obama campaign and attended a fundraiser. My friend Jen is super involved though - she was even a delegate for Washington State and went to the convention in Denver (read more here). Her dedication - and the dedication of thousands of others like her - is truly inspiring.

When Jen told me about her plans for November 4th, I was floored - hundreds of volunteers are heading out in droves Tuesday to make sure everyone registered makes it to the polls. Flyers, phone calls, knocking on doors, the works. Then, she mentioned that people were volunteering to be 'comfort captains.' Tell me more. Turns out they need people to bring them food throughout Monday and Tuesday to keep all those volunteers fed and hydrated. Sign me up.

How perfect is this? Finally, I feel like I can contribute in a way that is near and dear to my heart. Feeding people. So, Sunday is being spent making soup to be delivered Monday night and on Monday I will make cookies to deliver on Tuesday night.

Hopefully, we'll ALL be delivered an Obama presidency.

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