Friday, March 6, 2009

Feasting Fridays: A New Weekly Feature

Welcome to a new weekly feature of Sonja's Kitchen: Feasting Fridays. Each Friday, I'll take a break from from the kitchen and let someone else do the cooking. Expect reports on everything from breakfast pastries to martini lunches; from happy hour reports to fine dining.

This idea came to me on my walk to work this morning. My office has moved locations for the next six months or so (then it's back to the Eastside). I'll be working down on lower Queen Anne, which is high on dining options but low on parking options. Hence "the walk" to work.

As I walked the four blocks from my suh-weet all day/no charge parking spot to the office, I saw a Danish Flag ahead of me.

It was too early for me to think about breakfast, but as soon as I saw the sign - John Nielsen's Authentic Danish Pastries - my stomach awoke with a start and quickly sent signals to my brain saying, "STOPNOWANDBUYMEAPASTRY!"

The pastry case was filled with all the requisite "Danish" pastries: kringler, snitter, boller et al. I decided on a cinnamon and custard-laden snitter. The $12.50 kringle looked mighty fine and when I feel like sharing, I'll snatch one up.

I gleefully gobbled up my snitter, while scrolling through the lastest and greatest at It was good, but not great. A little too crispy around the edges and the custard was a little too gelatinous for my taste. Of course, I'm used to the real thing so you can't blame me for being picky.

A little bit of buyer's remorse later kicked in - thinly veiled as a sugar crash - because A) I am trying to cut back on my sugar intake despite the valiant efforts of the Girl Scouts of America and B) It's the recession! I can't keep spending $2.25 on pastries. I have vowed to savesavesave and live more frugally because hey, I could get laid off any day.

Wanting to justify my indulgence (not to mention get some much needed motivation and inspiration to add more blog entries), I hatched a plan. I work hard dammit, so every Friday I should treat myself. Thus was born Feasting Fridays. This will give me motivation each week to eat (somewhat) healthy, so on Fridays I can FEAST. And blog all about it...

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