Thursday, March 19, 2009

Food Notes from Hell-A

I was in LA last weekend with some girlfriends. It wasn't exactly a culinary trip (see In-n-Out and IHOP), but I do have some random observations and photos to share.

Fruit plate: Have you ever seen something so beautiful?

Restaurant ratings: These signs are in all restaurant windows and show you the grade that establishment received from health inspectors. My friend Jen thinks all restaurants in the US should have these.

Pizzeria Mozza: This was the one must-see on my list for the weekend. It did not disappoint.

These are the arancini at Mozza. Robin was tired of me taking photos of our food at this point. Oops.

Nate & Al's Delicatessen: This Reuben was probably the best hangover cure evah! We spent Saturday night out on the town (Late! With Cullens!) and needed some salty food come Sunday.

They gave us this pickle plate to start, which was perfect with a cold can of Coke. We wanted to ask for more, but our waitress - Nadine - was kind of terrifying.

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