Friday, May 8, 2009

Angels on Horseback

Yesterday was my birthday...but don't fret if you haven't sent birthday wishes my way yet. I like to celebrate multiple days of my birthday. In fact, my friend Kathy started calling it Sonjapalooza. It's like a week-long festival.

I tried talking my parents into going out for happy hour but, in my dad's words, "I've got the best happy hour at my house." Um, OK.

I will admit that I don't know any restaurant that makes Angels on Horseback: oysters wrapped in bacon and broiled until the bacon is crisp. It's about the only way I like cooked oysters (I prefer them raw). The only other time I've had them other than at my parents' or a friend's house is at the annual oyster festival in Shelton. Is this a streetfood niche I need to consider starting in Seattle?

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