Friday, May 29, 2009

When I Don't Want to Cook

Thankfully, my love of cooking has rubbed off on Gavin quite nicely. At times, it is irritating, because I suspect his palate is better than mine plus he never, ever uses a recipe. Other times though, when I'm drained and hungry for example, I am really thankful that Gavin will whip up a meal for me.

He excels at cooking many things, but is definitely my go-to guy on two: The first is gravy. I can bake just about anything, yet have an irrational fear of gravy. Gavin loves gravy and has therefore mastered it. The second is omelets. The two are probably related, since they both require patience.

Gavin is a masterful omelet maker, I must admit. He heats to pan on medium-low and gently beats a couple of eggs with a little cream. Then, after melting some butter in the pan, he pours in the eggs, adds some salt and pepper and waits. Waits. WAITS. This is where I usually say 'fuck it' and make scrambled eggs.

I'm thankful for a true omelet once in awhile though, especially when it's late and I am tired and hungry. Then....I get one of these.

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