Monday, June 22, 2009

Feasting Friday: Dinner AT the Movies

We decided to go local again for Feasting Friday last week. A new cinema opened in our neighborhood called Cinebarre. They took over for an old Regal cinemas that closed a few months ago.

The movie theater/restaurant has been catching on in the Seattle area in the last 10 years or so. I support the concept overall, but will admit that I am most excited at being able to order a beer or glass of wine at the movie above all else. The food is kind of secondary.

In the case of Cinebarre, the food is definitely secondary. They lean towards finger foods, so you don't need cutlery. Unfortunately, they lean towards mediocrity as well. On the plus side, the service and the fries were great. On the minus side, the burger was bone dry and they were kind of skimpy on the those delicious fries. I didn't have high expectations, but come on. A burger - it's not rocket science. If they applied the rules for theater popcorn to the burger (add salt, loads of butter and then more salt), things probably would have worked out fine.

Again, I was just as excited to order a glass of wine at the theater as I was to eat. Also on the plus side for Cinebarre is that they are 21 and older. That's right - no kids, no teenagers. It's not that I go to a lot of movies where there are kids, but still, it is nice to have an adult crowd. It's like the bar section of a restaurant - must be 21 and over to enter.

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