Thursday, March 13, 2008

Foodie Fight

Christmas came early! Or late, depending on how you look at it. My friend Rachel had to backorder my Christmas gift last December. Well, that long-ago back-ordered gift came in the mail on Tuesday night. She gave me a new trivia game called Foodie Fight! It is labeled "A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers."

I was headed over to Rachel's on Tuesday anyways, so over a nice selection of Iberian cheese and vodka martinis, we battled in a game of Foodie Fight.

The questions are split into 6 categories:
  • Foodiesphere - Food people, world cuisines, and food places
  • Company's Coming - Party planning, table etiquette, and wine and food pairing
  • Food Stars - Food on film and in print, music, and art
  • Lab & Field - Cooking science, nutrition, and food production
  • Dining Out - Eateries, chefs, menu matter, and restaurant service
  • What's Cooking - Cooking techniques, tools, and ingredients

We were pretty evenly matched and I have to admit that I was pretty scared for awhile. Especially, when Rachel got this question: "What rustic French dessert is traditionally made with a cake or puddinglike batter topped with cherries?" And answered, "Clafoutis," without missing a beat.

In the end I won, but probably only because of how you earn the color-coded tiles, based on rolling the right color for the tile you need. The question I won with was not really cause a ball-spiking victory dance either, "What fast-food promoter wears a size 14 1/2 shoe?"

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