Sunday, August 3, 2008

Homeward Bound

Yes! Finally - after 6 1/2 weeks, I am home. My flight schedule was pretty good. 10am departure from Bergen, 4-hour layover in Copenhagen and then direct from Copenhagen to Seattle.

I really like the Copenhagen airport, so having four hours to kill there wasn't that bad. They have good shops, cold beer, wifi access and wait...what's this I see?! People carrying around white paper cups with a familiar green logo...YES! Starbucks has arrived in Scandinavia. It's about time. I've been saying for years that Scandinavia is primed and ready for a Starbucks takeover. They drink more coffee than just about anyone else in the world, love all things American and think they know Seattle (rainy like Bergen, hawt doctors and good coffee). This airport location is just the beginning. Once they get the hang of it, I think the 'Bucks will be popping up all over Scandinavia in a year or two. Bravo Howard, bravo.

Of course, I was mostly excited to get a double short Americano with room. I haven't had espresso in six weeks and while they make good coffee in Scandinavia, I am just too hooked on the 'spro. So, I bellied up to the bar, paid my 25 kroner ($5) and enjoyed a taste of home.My pre-flight ritual at CPH however, is to have one last Danish polse and a cold beer. The hot dog was good, but honestly it kind of upset my stomach.
Come boarding time, I had a stomach ache and was too hot after lugging my bags of tax-free loot to the gate. Boarding had not started yet, and I was just about to pop in my ear buds when I heard my name paged, "Will passenger Sonja G..., please come to the check-in counter." OMFG - could it be true? The gate agent asked if I would mind being moved up a few rows. I coyly asked how many rows and she replied, "Is business class OK?" Um, yeah. "Enjoy the Champagne," she said.

It is good to know people - I think my retired SAS friends Jens-Petter and/or Øystein must be behind this. I couldn't be more thankful. Upon getting my seat, I raised the foot rest, put on my cozy socks and enjoyed a 1999 Henriot Champagne and an amuse bouche. Skål!

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