Thursday, April 30, 2009


These delicious licorice candies were my constant companion when I guided tours in Scandinavia each summer. In Denmark, they are made by the Toms candy company (maker of all things delicious). They are a sweet black licorice (as opposed to a salty black licorice, which Scandinavians LOVE), filled with a candy paste kinda sorta like, hmmm. The filling is hard to describe. Hold on. Let me eat another one and try again.


OK, the filling is marshmallow-ish. Almost like a circus peanut in consistency, but with much better flavor. Toms makes a variety of flavors - rhubarb being my favorite.

Seattle has a large Scandinavian population, so if I'm craving any foods from the motherland I just need to make a stop in Ballard. IKEA is a little out of my way (though they have the freshest and cheapest offerings). On my way home from work , I pass a store called Scandinavian Specialties. I stopped in the other day for cod liver oil (a spoonful a day!), but left with cookies and pickled herring too. In the candy aisle I found these. Why they are called licorice rockies, I have no idea. They are perfect though - and much closer to home than Copenhagen.

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