Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Feasting: Spiral of Shame Edition

Let me be clear. I am NOT ashamed that I ate at Dick's Drive-in last night.

I am ashamed because it was the best food I had all evening. Well, at least the best food I had that I remembered to photograph.

My Friday began at the gym. After that, I took the Metro downtown, and had about a 1/2 mile walk to the office. Figuring I had earned "a treat." I stopped in at Boulangerie Nantaise. My friend Greg used to manage this organic, French bakery and I have enjoyed their pastries many times before. This time however, I thought I would try something other than my usual pain au chocolat and ordered an apple something-or-other. It looked promising and I clutched it in my paw all the way to the office.

Settling into work for the day, I got a cup of coffee and sat down at my computer. I was starving at this point and couldn't WAIT to tuck into that pastry. Hmm, I thought. That dough is kind of salty. Hmmm. Not really that flaky either. And, what is that filling? Apple-y, but kind of mushy. Kind of like applesauce, but bad applesauce. Bleh. I ate about 1/3 and threw it out. Thankfully I brought a breakfast burrito with me too and was able to have that for my morning sustenance instead.

On to lunch...I didn't bring one, but had hoped some of my office mates would be headed out to lunch. They weren't. I did get invited to sit 'round the lunch table with them though. I surveyed the food I had stashed in and around my desk. A mango, (delivered in this week's produce basket); some peanut butter; a can of sardines; almonds, white cheddar Cheez-its; and some Wasa crisp bread. So, I put together a random plate of fruit, fiber and protein and ate at my desk. I was too ashamed to eat this weird plate of food in front of my colleagues.

Finally...quitting time! Gavin was meeting me after work and we were going to meet up with some friends for drinks before heading to our friend Rachel's apartment-warming party. She ordered BBQ for the occasion and I was saving up. Perfect Friday Feasting fodder!

Gavin was hungry for a snack and since we were going to end up at the Rob Roy, we decided on having a quick bite beforehand someplace in Belltown. We went to an old favorite or ours - La Vita e Bella Pizzeria. We remembered them having some pretty tasty food. Either they have gone downhill or our palates have greatly improved, because the pizza was terrible. Not photo-worthy. Not Friday Feasting worthy. Heck, it was hardly edible.

On to pre-funk cocktails. The Rob Roy (formerly the Viceroy) had some GREAT cocktails. I started with their signature - the Rob Roy, naturally. It is basically a Manhattan made with Scotch. Then, I had a Martinez. I read about this cocktail at, in a great article they had called Shaken or Stirred. Another great cocktail. Of course, I failed to to take pictures of either.

Finally, on to Rachel's new Belltown flat. It is a super cute place in a great location. It smelled fantastic too, since she had ordered up BBQ ribs, chicken and hot links along with all the side dishes. I feasted and fĂȘted , but totally FORGOT to take pictures. Grrr. What is that, zero for five!?

We called it an evening pretty early, since we had our own party to prep for Saturday morning. In a total lapse of judgement, we decided to make a stop on our way home at Dick's Drive-In. Actually, in the back of my mind I kind of wanted to prove that I can eat a greasy late night burger and not feel sick which was the case at In-n-Out Burger. As I unwrapped my burger and prepared to take a bite, I remembered - it's FEASTING FRIDAY - and quickly took a picture.

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